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Adekunle Gold Caught Selling Meat Weeks After Working As Bus Conductor (Video + Photos)

music star Adekunle Gold is pictured selling raw meat at a market in Lagos.

The singer is a lead actor in an upcoming Nollywood movie that hit stores in coming weeks.

See Photos & Video below:-


The Best Free Graphic Design Software 2017(Approved)

In the highly artistic and introspective sphere of graphic design software, there is a sector standard of innovation and excellence that empowers firms to create fascinating pieces of work. The things that used to be manipulated, drawn and edited by human hands has become purely digital in the recent years. With millions of trade papers, newspapers and magazines striving for your attention, your exclusive graphic design, content and layout are important in your uniqueness, which eventually sets yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. The ultimate graphic design software has powerful features and tools that render the most difficult task of being different a simpler and achievable feat.


Not everyone has the cash to spend on purchasing the best graphic design software, especially while kick starting a new business. However, luckily you will find some excellent free graphic design software that will lead to a creative start.

SVG-Edit – Best Free Graphic Design Software

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and is a graphic format wherein the shapes are detailed in XML. Following this, the XML is rendered by a SVG viewer. Web browsers of the present day are able to display SVG just as they display JPG, GIF and PNG. SVG-Edit is built totally on CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 without the requirement of any server side processing.

Besides using it to create and edit documents, you will be able to modify the code by downloading it. SVG is built for vector graphics that are two-dimensional. For a format of 3 dimensions, you should lookup X3D. If you are unsure on whether SVG is appropriate for you, study the page ( ) on SVG Examples to have an idea of the capabilities of this software.


Inkscape is a free open source vector graphics editor. It’s a great alternative for those whose budget is unable to move to Illustrator, even though with a couple of restrictions. It has an impressive features of set and tool which includes user-friendly and clear interface, 3D boxes tool which allows speedy drawing and editing, Bezier Curves tool that permits drawing of complicated shapes, layer transparency effects etc.

With the use of Inkscape, graphics are sized to a huge extent without any considerable loss in the quality of the image. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. I have Mac OS X and I feel this is the perfect choice for free graphic design software for Mac.

DrawPlus Starter Edition

DrawPlus is a two dimensional vector graphics editor developed by Serif-a software company from the UK. Besides providing the tools for vector drawing, DrawPlus provides natural-appearing and realistic brushes that permits the user to paint with oils, water color and additional media while retaining the capability of vector editing.

There are some outstanding features of this software, such as making an object 3D by extrusion, applying a broad ambit of 3D styles or even draw your own slanted profile, which will then be applied to your object immediately.


Google Developers

Google chart tool allows web application developers to create charts from various data and insert it into a webpage. It’s user-friendly, powerful and absolutely free. Add a variety of graphs and charts into a spreadsheet, which includes map charts, bar and line.

In addition, save your chart as an image and insert it into a document or simply a presentation. is a free graphic design software that allows users to create infographics.  You’ll find some amount of rough edges with this software since it’s in the early stages; however, it lives up to its promise of being easy to use. Pick up a theme, your shapes and objects, drop in some text and you’ll have an acceptable-looking infographic in a really short time.

Users may select from a wide variety of themes-color-coordinated themes that are fully developed-which can be edited to match information requirements.  The result is a visually pleasing and comprehensive infographic that appears professional-which is not bad for something that costs nothing. is a free online service that offers admittance to a wide variety of charts, graphs and maps. It also gives you the freedom to upload pictures and videos while creating cool infographics. It works in the same way by snapping your image and sharing it on social platforms.

With an uncomplicated drag-and-drop interface and an intrinsic spread sheet engine,  an infographic can be easily created and ingrained on a page or even shared as an image or a link directly. is a kind of a social network especially for infographics and visualization sharing. You can create as well as share infographics on social media platforms.

It’s similar to SlideShare or Scribd and infographics created by this software can be speedily rejiggered and interactive, with new data. is also easy to use and flexible than other alternatives, such as PhotoShop, Tableau or Illustrator.

Daz Studio

Daz Studio is a 3D figure customization, animation and posing tool that allows users to create remarkable digital animations and illustrations. It’s an apt tool to design unique animations and art using virtual props, animals, environments, accessories, vehicles and much more. You just need to select your setting and/or subject, setup lighting, arrange accessories and start creating illustrious artwork. Another top graphic design freeware that you can use without getting irritated.

With this free tool, you have an option to create graphic design elements, custom 3D avatars and characters, produce illustrations for graphic novels, comics and books and create your own artwork.


Blender is a 3D graphic software used for creating visual effects, animated films, 3D printed models, art, video games and interactive 3D applications. Various features of this software include UV unwrapping, 3D modelling, sinning and rigging, texturing, particle simulation, smoke and fluid simulation, animating, sculpting, camera tracking, match moving etc. This is one of the top graphic design software for mac.

It’s absolutely free and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Sculptris is an ordinary, yet robust and creative modeling application from Pixologic- the creators of ZBrush. It works similar to the Dynamic Topology of Blender and allows you to create in-depth details without the requirement to subdivide the entire model. A unique feature of this program is that it has an option to be saved as a native culture file for you to edit. You may also export it as a ZBrush or a Wavefront file to import it into additional programs.

This software has to be on the system of users having a modest interest in 3D modeling.

Bonus – Canva

An amazing tool for professionals and the beginners and I consider it the best graphic design software for beginners. The interface of Canva makes it possible to design a graphic easily. It has expert filters for advanced editing, and it’s simple to use. What more can you ask from a free online graphic design software, I am using it from few days, though I have Photoshop installed, but I am not in the mood to turn on the Adobe’s masterpiece after using Canva.

You should definitely try this.

Canva is an amazing tool for the clueless, and its handy for professionals too. It makes designing uniformly easy for everyone, but it’s by no means aimed only at amateurs. The simplicity and richness of the tools will get you coming back for more every day, and according to Canva’s developers, the current features are only 1% of what they have in store for us. As it is now, Canva brings sophisticated design abilities to the masses. We can only hope future features don’t render the service complicated to use.

Rita Dominic Reveals Why She Is Still Single At 41

In an interview with new magazine, Schick, owned Dr Sid’s wife, Simi Esiri, multiple award-winning actress Rita Dominic, 41, revealed when asked why she was still single that she could have been married a long time ago, but things didn’t work out with the person.

“I believe that God is in charge of my life and will present the right man to me at the right time,” she said.

Asked whether social pressure to settle down get to her, Rita replied,

“I am a human being and I would be lying to say that it doesn’t sometimes. More so because it’s something I sincerely want to do but the feeling passes when I remember that society will not live with the person. I will live with the man, so it is very important that I do it because I want to, not because society wants it for me.”

Speaking about sex and if it gets better with age, Rita said;

“If you ordinarily don’t enjoy it, age won’t make a difference. I find that when a woman embraces her sexuality, many Nigerians equate it to being Ashewo , as if we should act like sex is not pleasurable,”

Speaking about dating, Rita said she dates when someone special comes around but finds it generally as a nightmare

“Especially in this days of social media where with one click you are all over the internet.”
She also admits that she loves being in a relationship;

“I love being totally drawn to someone and doing all those loving things couples do, but I am also wary of liars and bullies”

10 Ways To Improve Blog Security (for you not to get hacked).

Every day, experienced hackers and nasty plagiarists flood the internet to look for security loopholes on websites. If they find your blog vulnerable, they may do anything from installing malware to redirecting your traffic to their own sites.

In spite of the thousands of hacking incidences that take place online each day, few people seem concerned about blog security. Do not think that your blog is immune to such attacks.

Well, hacking is not the only practice you should be worried about while working online. Content theft is possibly a huge problem, particularly in the world of blogging where uniqueness is the hallmark of quality.

While Google and the other search engines create algorithms to identify the origin of certain content, it is still not fun when you discover that people copied your content and pasted it on dozens of other blogs out there.


Since WordPress is a popular tool for setting up blogs, it can easily draw the attention of hackers. You can find the latest threats right here and you will understand what I mean.

Fortunately, you can take a number of measures to nip such security threats in the bud. This post will highlight 10 effective ways you should use now to make your blog more secure.

1. Secure the login

You may have noticed that admin is the default username on your WordPress blog. All hackers know it as well. So, change this one as soon as yesterday. Besides, use Captcha for the user login as a means of protection from the brute fore attack.



To implement Captcha, you can use the BWS Plugins. You will find the Captcha plugin useful in controlling against spam as well.

2. Do not advertise the version of your WordPress blog to the world

Typically, WordPress sites normally publish a version number, which makes it easier for visitors to know whether you are operating on an obsolete, non-patched edition of WordPress.

Exposing the version number of your WordPress site will make it vulnerable to security threats and attacks. While you can take off the WordPress version from your web page, you need to make an additional change: go to your WordPress installation directory and delete that readme.html file from the directory since it also advertises the version of your WordPress site to the world.


A number of WordPress themes contain login links to give you easy access to a login page. You do not need to reveal your login page in a manner that will invite everyone including hackers, to access it.

Therefore, if you have a theme with a login link, you should remove it. If you cannot remove it, consider changing the theme.

3. Automatically back up your blog

With regular backups, you can easily recover from even the deadliest hacks. In fact, at a click, you can restore the entire site.

Besides, before you make any significant changes to your site like upgrading the WordPress version or installing a new plugin, ensure you make a back up. The Better WP Security plugin, you can schedule back functions and enhance security for your blog.


4. Add the password authentication to your WP-admin folder

If you want to keep hackers away from your blog, make it hard for them to break in through your login page. To achieve this, add the password protection to your “WP-admin” folder. This will ensure that anyone accessing this folder will need to type in the correct password and username (aside from the user login).

The simplest way to add the password authentication is through the CPanel. Simply log in to your CPanel and then select this option – ‘Password Protect directories.’


5. Add links to guard against copy/paste

You do not require any complex tools to steal web content. It is as easy as copying the article and pasting it in another place. Besides, you don’t even need to bother about the formatting because that will be copied too!

Way too convenient for the content thieves, right?

Well, recently I started using a great service, known as Tynt. While Tynt won’t disable the copying of your content, it adds an attribution URL to your blog anytime someone copies content from your blog.

The result will look like this – copied content+ read more at

Well, you might say that most content thieves will just delete that link though chances are most of them won’t even realize it! I mean, most of them simply copy, paste and then publish.



After installing Tynt, you’ll receive stats on the number of copy commands that occurred on your site in addition to the most copied posts. Moreover, this tool will help you know how many links you have generated from the read more links.

6. Setup Your Own Google Authorship

Whenever there is duplicate content, search engines may decide which content deserves a lower ranking by finding out the one that was published earlier.

However, that isn’t always sufficient, especially if a person whose blog has a higher ranking steals your content. In such a scenario, the stolen content might continue to receive more link juice.

It is here that Google authorship comes in handy. If your authorship is confirmed, there’s less likelihood for your content to rank lower than similar content stolen and posted on another site.



To setup your Google authorship, you should follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up for a Google+ account.
  2. In your profile settings, you will find “Contributor to”
  3. You should add the link to your own blog there
  4. Install the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast
  5. Now go to users  then to your profile
  6. Move down to the contact info
  7. Add the profile link of your Google+ account

For more detailed instructions on setting up Google authorship in WordPress, go here.

7. Disable hotlinking

When someone copies your article, chances are he will also copy images   within the article. After the thief publishes your post on his or her blog, the image URLs will actually point to your server.

Consequently, your hosting will receive additional load thus lowering your blog’s performance. The direct copying of images from someone’s blog is called hotlinking.



The good news is there is a way to help you avoid all these headaches and the solution is CloudFlare.

Well, CloudFlare is simply a great content delivery network. This tool improves the loading times and to achieve this, it caches the content, collects information about the location of the visitors and then sends the cached data right from the local server.

The above functionality and the fact that it’s free (though you may find more premium features), makes CloudFlare a must have for any serious blogger.

However, in our case, we need the “hotlink protection” checkbox, which you can get from your profile at CloudFlare. You simply need to turn it on in order to stop the hotlinking issue.

You simply need to click on the “Security Settings” and then scroll down to the “Hotlink protection” and just click on the “ON” button.

8. Install trusted plugins only

Hackers can easily access your blog through the plugins you install. When you install a plugin, you make it possible for one to access core files found in your WordPress installation. This is why you need to be cautious when installing any plugin to your blog.



Below are four major considerations you should do before you install any plugin

i. Ensure it features in the plugins directory on

If you cannot find the plugin in this directory, chances are it is either not legitimate or it is premium. Do not hesitate once there’s a download option for it in this directory.

ii. Check the rating

Look at the star rating that users have given to the plugin as well as the distribution of votes. If the plugin has more one-star ratings than it has five-star ratings, chances are there could be a security concern.

iii. The number of downloads

Try to look for a popular plugin. You can tell this from the number of downloads under each plugin. Bad plugins hardly generate thousands of downloads because moderators would remove them in no time.

iv. Check out the third-party reviews

As aforementioned, premium plugins do not feature in the directory, making it hard for you to establish their legitimacy. So, when considering such plugins, find out more from the reviews of those who’ve used it.

You can also visit the CodeCanyon directory, which features premium plugins and you can find out whether the plugin is legit and safe to use.

9. Install the two security plugins

You can install two powerful security plugins that will keep hackers running from your blog. These are:

a. Wordfence

This security plugin has awesome features: it limits the login attempts, scans the themes and plugins against your WordPress repository versions for changes; scans the comments for phishing URL’s and malware, and checks out for any outdated plugins. Wordfence is a great plugin that you can get free.


b. Limit Login Attempts

With this plugin, you can keep threats off of your WordPress login page. It enables you to restrict the number of times that users (based on the IP address or cookie) can unsuccessfully try to log in into your own blog.

10. Install a Firewall

Finally, to protect your blog against hacking and other security attempts, you should install OSE Firewall, the creation of Open Source Excellence.

This firewall has a built-in scanner that will scan your blog for any malicious codes. Besides, it has a new anti-spam feature that will keep your blog spam free.


Top 10 Laws Of Physics Every Educated Person Should Know.

Image result for top fifty laws in physics

1. Conservation of energy (first law of thermodynamics)

2. What entropy is in statistical terms and the second law of thermodynamics

3. Newton’s laws of motion

4. Newton’s law of gravitation

5. The fundamental forces (maybe not weak interaction)

6. EDIT: That nothing can go faster than the speed of light because moving massive objects will “warp” time and space. (changed from: The difference between electric current and electric potential)

7. Waves, wavelength, and frequency (and how it is responsible for pitch and color)

8. Quantum interference, when it happens, and how measurement changes a system’s state.

9. The four states of matter

10. That all interactions except gravity can be thought of as tiny vibrating particles exchanging discrete amount of energies.

Image result for top fifty laws in physics


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